There’s a lot of toxic assholes in this game and on this sub

I really hadn’t noticed it until recently but ever since this new event dropped I’ve been seeing more and more assholes defending selfish ass things. Leaving in a shadow game, causing trouble with randoms in ranked modes, or just simply attacking people that have frustrations at these things. If this was a single player game or even just an offline game then have at it with all of your toxic ass selfish ass shit. But this an online game and more importantly this is a TEAM based game. The entire premise of this game is team play with the characters being specifically crafted to play off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and communicate fluidly. This isn’t the kind of game that can support selfish people who don’t give a shit about others and people really need to understand that. By you choosing to play this game you are engaging in a TEAM ORIENTATED GAME. Quit being a self centered prick or go play Fortnite or some shit that supports your “it’s all about me and my enjoyment and no one else” mentality because I’m genuinely sick of it


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