Things/mechanics you still don’t like about the game/rub you the wrong way.

For me.

I just feel like automatic weapons don’t do enough damage. 14 per hit is not enough.

Level 2 and above shields are way too strong, due to reason one. I just put my controller down most fights when I run across someone with blue armor. But I have never been too keen on having armor i BR games, especially not level tiered armor.

And lack of solo que really rubs me the wrong way, between point 1 and 2, Getting gangbanged, because you were forced into an encounter because you want to be a good teammate, just to then get yelled at by salty teammate because it’s some how my fault he spear headed us to our death . Very stressful.

I get it. The ping and classes balanced for squads. But it would be nice to have somewhere to go to be free to do what you want how you want. I don’t think not having solos makes this game unique, or trailblazing. Kinda just makes them a bit stubborn

But what about you? Is there anything you just can’t shake off and get used to about this game?


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