This game has the WORST random teammates.

TLDR: bitching over teammate dynamics.

The teammate that never puts on body armor or never repairs it.

The teammate that pings everything nonstop.

The teammate that goes idle during a fight. (Which I get sometimes, life happens and it’s a team game only).

The teammate that drops solo.

The teammate jumpmaster that jumps you 5 seconds after everyone else but goes backwards where everyone has already landed.

The teammate that loots your discoveries. (Like punching a loot tick and then they grab everything regardless if they can use it).

The teammate that disconnects before the game starts.

The teammate duos that don’t want a third party member in THEIR squad.

The teammate that blows up the mic with music.

The teammate that drops away from the jumpmaster and then pings a level 4 item like a “I told you I was right.”

The teammates that can’t get over 0-50 damage after multiple battles. And you finally died with 600 damage.

The teammate that lands on the exact spot you marked during the drop and becomes a loot goblin on things that don’t even attach together. 200 rounds of heavy for his r99 and an extended energy mag. Then there I am with a wingman with 4 total rounds.

This game has the some of the smoothest and best quality gameplay I have experienced. The gameplay and gameplay alone keeps me coming back for more. I don’t have a big enough online presence to have pre-made squads, and my work schedule has my friends playing while I am at work. Because of that, I am forced to play with randoms. Most the time, (not always), it takes all the fun out of it. I want to push quick and kill, others want to loot the same building for half the game. I average 500-600 damage in half the match (which is… alright…), but most my randoms don’t break even 50 damage before we lose. It has made me bitter. (Not all randoms, maybe 1 out of every 10 games I get a random that kicks ass)… but 10% of the time? That’s not worth it.

I wanted to know why people dropped solo. So I acted like I was by myself for a few games and just played solo, just to see. Wow, it was SO fun. No babysitting others, no feeling guilty if they died and you couldn’t make it to them. No being upset when they died and immediately left the game. No caring if they had a mic or didn’t drop where you felt was best. No fighting for loot. No guilt if you died right on the drop. No guilt for trying new strategies that get you killed. It went back to lighthearted fun. (At least for me). Sure my teammates didn’t appreciate it. Which is where the issue comes in.

Apex needs solo. Almost every other game in existence offers it, because it’s a time proven game mode, especially for battle royale games where people want to be fairly put up against others. It isn’t fair when the enemy squad is a pre-made squad of friends that have the same play style, use mics, have good team dynamics, and have practiced together; and my random squad is a 9 year old that doesn’t equip body armor and second person that sounds like they are high and can’t land a shot.

If you agree that random teammates suck, feel like apex needs solo, have seen some of the random teammates issues, comment. Is it just me?

If you disagree, why? I honesty want to know. “Change my mind.”


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