To the apex developers: Please consider comments from the community. MJority of streamers are upset with the new season.

Don’t take this the wrong way i’ve been a regular apex player playing since the game dropped but I have never seen the apex developers even consider what the community is saying/inventing. I have seen a lot of concept skins that look extremely amazing. A lot of cool heirloom ideas like the knuckles for the caustic (can find it here and they decide to release a sledgehammer 😑) Also a lot of streamers and the majority of players are upset about the vault system and care package weapon switch ups. An idea is to create polls for the community so we can respond and you guys can have an idea of what we prefer. I’m not trying to hate as this is my favourite game and most played game i just really want apex to succeed further on in the future as i feel like the majority of the people i meet are quitting or consider switching to other games. koo


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