We need improvements for ranked abandonment

So I made a post earlier about the ranked penalties being WAY too long. the people who commented said otherwise. I still think they should be shorter, but there might be some changes that could change my mind.

So first, in ranked, and ONLY ranked, if you want to leave, You will get a message that says "Are you sure?" This will make people rethink leaving and could also prevent mistakes if somebody forgets they're in ranked. I'll give an example.

I was in a ranked match but I forgot it was ranked (don't judge me, I'm absent minded). So anyways, me and my friend died and the lifeline got knocked, but had a self-revive. The enemy squad found out, and the Gibber-man started finishing her. I just left, unaware of the fact that it was ranked. You can guess what happened.

But, what if it said "Are you sure" after I pressed "leave"? I would've realized I was in ranked, and exited out of the leave option. This could prevent major mistakes. I heard that somebody got a penalty for a WEEK. I feel that this "Are you sure" screen could've saved him. Any thoughts?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e26q1s/we_need_improvements_for_ranked_abandonment/

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