What skins (legendary) I think are going to come out for the event.

There are usually 7-8 legendary skins. I'm going to put them from high (most deserved) to bottom (least deserved).

1.Lifeline – hasn't had a legendary event skin in 3 seasons. Only judge jury and that's it.

2.Wraith – last 2 seasons, she only had epic skins and her witch skin wasn't exactly a banger even tho is was 🔥

3.Revenant – Last season he didn't get a skin. Usually give skin after 1st season.

  1. Loba – no sick skins yet, revenant still deserves a skin more than she does even though he just got a recolour.

  2. Crypto – only 2 skins so far (from events) and not many recolours and limited skins

  3. Caustic – got three skins (events) but not many recolours and not many limited skins

  4. Mirage – got three skins (events) and some sick recolours but deserves to be on the list cuz it's his heirloom this season.

  5. Bangalore (if theres an 8th option)- she has been in many events and had many limited skins but her skins aren't great over all. Needs a good skin asap as this hero was here from the beginning of the game (not saying her current skins are trash)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/h9pajv/what_skins_legendary_i_think_are_going_to_come/

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