What solos has taught me

Yo, little sit down here. Anyways for everyone that normally says “my teammates are the problem”, I’ve come to learn you aren’t wrong but I’ve also learned the people that say this are usually the teammate who is the “problem”. I’ve been playing solo for a total of about 200 games and I have 70 wins; and 7/10 legends I have a win with (working on the Absolute Monarchy badge). Also the Flatline as a gun is undisputed 1v1 close range, even against things like a alt with disruptor and a devotion with turbo charger, it hits for about 19-21 body shots and for around 34-36 headshot and if you aim center mass and they crouch it’s over because you dome them repeatedly. The player base is hella toxic even as it comes to teaming but if they team just play it like you would play a solo reg match where you separate them via cover and get high ASAP. Pathfinders are easier to kill them other legends because they do a lot of predictable things with their grapple and if they get high ground on you disengage and reset and if you can’t get low ground under cover and wait for them to come to you. For everyone asking for siphoning of health per kill, they already let us do that by picking up people’s shield and it being fully healed so loot quickly and mainly go for armor especially in a 3-6 party situation. The only thing bad about that is you can’t strafe while you loot on console but you can on PC… which makes no sense and they should add it to console. And my take on the higher tier legends for solos is as follows for S-tier; Wraith (her passive and ability), Gibby (his fortified perk, and both his ult and ability), Pathfinder (all skills ult/ability/passive), and Caustic (fortified, and all skills).

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ct8kwj/what_solos_has_taught_me/

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