What we need on season 2 discussion

hello guys,

i made this post to share some ideas with you about what i'm expecting about season two maybe some of these idea already in developers plan

1- fixing hit boxes specially pathfinder with the most annoying hitbox of them all

2- nerf Longbow fire rate and maybe wingman needs a little rework i encountered some player using macros on wingman double bullets with single click dunno if that's against the game TOS or not and the fire rate is insane with this kind of macros

3- stopping cheaters " if hacker suspect received reports from 10 different players in period of time maybe 1 hour he get temp suspend for 24 hours until developers check if he's legit or not"

4- reconnect option if you dc'd mid game and want to come back same as "PUBG"

5-live ping in game and ability to choose server without waiting 1 minute idle in main menu

that's all i got in my mind for now how about you guys

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c7kv4e/what_we_need_on_season_2_discussion/

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