Why Are There Ranked Related Missions, Specially Ones That Give A Full Level?

I had to spend some time without playing Apex and now that I'm back, I saw that the season pass has missions that require you to not only play Ranked, but win or get top 5 a bunch of times (those are the ones I have for the moment).

Just why? I'll seriously be forced to lose 2 whole levels, because of a game mode that 1) I don't enjoy and 2) Even if I did enjoy it, queue times are ridiculous where I live, so it's either that or select NA and play with lag, which no thanks, I don't want to risk a suspension because I'm trying to level up my season pass.

If they were 6k xp missions, whatever, it's not that hard to compensate for them, but they are basically worth 54k xp + the time wasted trying to complete them + time wasted in queue, for a mode that again, I do not enjoy.

Ranked already has its own set of rewards, there's no reason to tie it to the season pass.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dybn5i/why_are_there_ranked_related_missions_specially/

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