World’s Edge sucks

I’ve tried so hard to give this map a chance but I hate it, and I think that feeling is shared by many others in this community too.

99% of the time you land you have to scrounge tirelessly for a weapon because you are already in a death zone with 3 other squads and finding weapons is like mining for fucking diamonds!

Many of the areas (even named ones ffs) are literal copy/pastes of other areas. It’s almost like they’re building off of default presets randomly placed around the map.

The map makes my eyes bleed with just how vivid it is. It’s a complete eyesore.

Lava is annoying and some areas are terribly designed.

Barely any trees unlike King’s Canyon, so some areas leave you open to charge rifles from 450m away!

Squads camp near vaults and keys are way too easy to get. By the time you get a vault key, either the ring has closed them out or they have already been opened. Or if you’re (un)lucky enough to find an unopened vault, there’s a squad camping there who will wait to kill you and take the key.

65% of the time vaults are useless because you’ll already find what it has scattered across the map or in cargo bots anyway.

Takes too long to get from area to area.

Crypto is fucking annoying and this map does not help.

Many areas with uneven ground.

Squads that camp in train tunnels or on rooftops.

Sorry, but while some areas are well designed (like the Epicenter or Lava City), this map absolutely sucks and nobody will change my mind on that. It is boring!


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