GAMEMODE IDEA: Fungus Among Us

A second game mode where the imposter is an infectious mushroom creature instead of an eldritch horror.

The imposter wouldn't be able to directly kill other players, but instead use their sabotage abilities to essentially booby-trap tasks, killing careless crewmates. In order to tamper with tasks, however, the fungus would have to be close enough to a task, which means you can still get called out for being sus if you're the imposter. The fungus would still be able to vent and everything like normal.

HERE'S THE CATCH: toxic spores are flooding the entire ship, slowly suffocating the crew, meaning you have a hard time-limit. More time can be added by completing the special new task of activating the ship's air filtration systems, which can also be sabotaged, albeit only once or twice for fairness' sake. If the timer runs out, imposters win, even if nobody was directly killed. Once all tasks are successfully completed, however, the entire crew must reach the ship's escape pods to win, causing the ship to self-destruct, killing the imposters. The fungus imposters would have some kind of wall preventing them from entering the pods themselves; maybe an energy barrier that only real players can pass through.

So what do you think? Is my idea any good? Has someone suggested it already and I'm just being dumb? Hopefully not. XD


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