any news of compensation for west coast players?

here to complain. this game genuinely sucks with the server on the east coast. I'm in los angeles and have done decent with a ping that holds steady about 60 on USC. today trying to play and run advances it's 75, 78, 150, 85, 75, 72, 90, 360, 100, 75…

it's unplayable. I know people use the phrase "unplayable" a lot around here as an insult but this genuinely is. I can't hit shots, I can't avoid running into rocks, I can't even get around my teammates without running into them. consistent ping can be adjusted and accounted for. it's hard to play with it's 300 ms but at least when it's consistent 300 ms you can somewhat accommodate it. but the inconsistent ping is just HORRIBLE.

I've never thought to myself "this game owes me my money back" before. low rolls I get. games of luck that didn't go my way I get. a tank that I'm not great at I get, I need to do better. But this is honestly what I'm thinking right now. I paid to play premium time on this game and I genuinely can't use it right now. This is not as advertised and this is EXTREMELY a bad experience, usual complaints aside.


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