Any Tips on playing Russian TD Line ? Su-152 line

Hi guys i am having a hard time with the Russian TDs ( su-152 line ) . Idk why but for me they seem worse than any TD nation . My points :

– Bad Accuracy & Aim time ( worst amount of all the other TDs )

– Limited turret and the angle that it's able to move is kinda low ( not only that but the Traverse Speed of the gun is terrible as well )

– Lack of armor ( there are plenty of other TD that have a lot of armor and Good accuracy and Alpha Dmg and are even able to play as a sniper for ex T28 Prot )

– Lack of Camo Rating ( since this tank has lowest camo rating , you can't be using it as a sniper , taking in cosideration the Gun specs mentioned previously but u can't use it either as a front line TD due to bad armor )

– Lack of View Range ( has the lowest view range of all TD lines making it not being able to snipe once again )

– Lack of mobility ( the gun traverse speed as well as Tank traverse speed are very low , once again making it not being able to snipe neither play Front Line )

Conclusion : So the Su-152 lacks everything a Tank Destroyer should be , and i can't manage to fit it any category , it has no armor or mobility to be able to be front line , it has bad camo ,view range , accuracy and limitation of turret to be able to snipe )

The only PRO i can find about this tank is the Alpha Damage but due to the mentioned aspects of the tank you can't manage to get more than 4 shots a game

I have Crew up to 100% and Perks + Equipment and still this tank fades compared to others . Am i doing something wrong ? I need some help , i really want to enjoy this tank but i can't manage to do so.


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