Arty controversial(no) What do you guys think?

Video from skill4tu about artillery state in the game. First 2 battles, show what its like to play against artillery on heavy tanks. 3rd battle, what its like to play as artillery player.


(arty spam at slow and big heavy + probable xvm focus, problem: perma stun, punishing for not camping)

3:06, 3:14, 4:34, 4:48, 5:49, 6:15, 6:43, 7:00, 7:06, 7:17,

Next map: prohorovka, tier 9 heavy, 3 arties.

(my problem: Waffle TD was counterable, by not peaking out of terrain, but artillery is uncountarable, it punishes you for being active, and not camping on base, like 12:33, Grille15, 100m from spawn. my problem – 2: artillery is top by damage in most of the battles it joins: 21:32 pause)

11:42. few others. total hp lost to arty on heavy tank: 800+

Next situation. Playing artillery. (my Problem, artillery is top by damage in most of the battle it joins: 30:58

23:09, tactical maneuvers and positioning required to play well in artillery.

23:47 punishing heavy tank for joining battle.

24:33 punishing medium tanks for joining battle.

26:51 punishing light tank for joining battle.

29:20 what artillery players mean by "Leading the shots". The shot caused 1475 damage.

30:12 blind shots are also required.

I want to hear your opnions, find how many agree and disagree with me.

For discussion:

Does arty prevent camping or does it promote it?

Will having limit of 1 artillery per battle solve a problem?

What about nerf of shell trajectories?

Is artillery actually speeding up the battle? (People are afraid of not being in move)

Or is it slowing it down? (People find a corner and stay there for most of the battle, because they don't want to get hit by arty)

I've listed my own problems above, and here is my overall opinion:

I can only judge from battles with no artilleries in teams. Currently, artillery is just nothing but toxicity for normal tank gameplay. It doesn't serve any function and punishes you for nothing. While you can counter TDs or other tanks, just by assuming their location, and being able to cover from them, You can't cover yourself from artillery. Artillery is impossible to outplay, and in my opinion, artillery causes more camping than active gameplay. I also think limiting to 1 artillery is not the answer, hypothetically, one arty can focus down 1 flank, or 1 tank for whole battle. It also causes gameplay toxicity. Best solution would just be, limiting to 2 or maybe even leave 3, but punis artillery for focusing a player. For example after player gets hit, for 40 seconds they become invincible to any kind of damage and 90 seconds of invincibility to stun.


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