B L Y A T M A R K E T: A guide on how to optimize

So with this new black market or as I like to call it BLYAT market, I've realized that there is a pressure for everyone to get as many tanks as possible but at the same time, the common problem of limited credit availability keeps coming up, so here's a guide on how to make the most of this event:

1) Be realistic: Do you really need to drop a couple million credits on a tier three tank that as OP as it is you'll only play for less than 20 battles? If you still really want it, go for it, but in the interest of credit spending optimization, I'd advise you against it

2) What do you have on stock?: I usually don't run food on my tanks. Yes that is stupid for many people, but strictly being a F2P player it somewhat makes sense. If you're like me, consider selling your stocks if you know you won't use them OR if you need credits for that tank you want to get. Same applies to other premium consumables like Med Pack, Repair Pack and Auto Extinguisher

3) Do you have rusty tanks?: You know what I'm talking about, whether it's that nostalgic feeling for the old school ELC AMX or anything else, somehow you just keep telling yourself you don't want to sell that tank, one day you'll play it. My recommendation? Sell them, get the credits you need, and if you truly are going to play them, you can re purchase them in the future, otherwise you've already made yourself another free tank garage slot and more importantly, you're moving on (sad but tru)

4) I should have mentioned this way earlier before asking you to compromise your stocks BUT, play the credit making tanks you've bought or already own. Whether it's that tier 6 heavy that just keeps printing them big bucks, or your latest premium acquisition, use the hell out of them and farm for credits to spend on the next BLYAT market tank sale

5) Lastly and this is the most desperate of the measures, if you really REALLY want that tank, consider selling one of your big bois. I have a T-10 (my beloved <3 ) that I stopped grinding after getting the tier X, but keep around for the occasional fun and challenges. If it all comes to worst, that's an example of a tank you can sell, you won't compromise your grind, and it will earn you a couple million credits. It's a hard choice and last resort really, but it's there nonetheless.

Remember, buy smart, think critically about your choices but most importantly, this is just a game, don't throw away your life like it's one of those disgusting marathons just for a tank or two, it's not worth it. Good luck everyone, enjoy your games and feel free to correct me or add more tips.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/bsle9m/b_l_y_a_t_m_a_r_k_e_t_a_guide_on_how_to_optimize/

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