Bit of a rant.. but why is WoT right now even worse than the weekends? These battles are so lopsided I cant even do my health in dmg before dying.

I have played 12 battles today and won TWICE. 1.8k overall avg dmg, and thats including the zero score games.

In my Strv 103-0 that I am trying to up my bad w/r, I got 2.6k avg dmg, tied once cause fuck those enemy cowards and lost the rest. W/r now sits at sub-40 for it.

In Emil-II I had about 2k avg dmg, won once I think and every loss was either also ~1.7k or a single shot of damage. Went from 47% to 45% win rate. Also been trying to win more in it.

In my IS7, I played twice, won once, and got 1k dmg cause the win was so fast and I didn't move in time. Still at 60% w/r.

In my Standard B with 66% I also lost all games because the battle was decided in the first few minutes of the battle.

Long story short, I am now waiting until this marathon is over so I don't want to kill myself with these games. The weekends are okay since its just bad players, but right now its the middle of the week and it is absurd how bad people on my team are and how godlike the other team is.

And I know the counter argument is that I am not doing enough. I am aware of that, and I know that it *is* my fault my w/r in some tanks is bad. I know 2k is not good for an Emil II, but I have a mark and also have had several 3k-4k dmg games. But, this is ridiculous and its jokes-aside unplayable. I am a good 90% sure this is because of the marathon + me not being good enough to carry a team vs superunicums.

Edit: clarified some stats


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