Black Market Previous Items and Rumoured List

Tanks so far, gold sale price is bold

1.0M41 90 GF5,000,000 Silver
2.0FCM 36 Pak 403,500,000 Silver
2.5Type 59G25,000 Gold
3.0Sexton I500,000 Silver
3.5FV215B 18323,000,000 Silver
4.0WZ-111 Alpine Tiger10,000 Gold
4.5Caernarvon Action X9,000,000 Silver

Rumoured tank list from with past sales crossed out, see original post here



PZ IV/V – Tier V German medium tank probably for silver

PZ2 J – Tier III German light tank will probably be sold for gold

HYDROSTAT – Tier V German medium tank


IS6B – Tier VIII Soviet heavy tank

Tier X camos – Camoflague for tier X randomly awarded out of Christmas 2018 lootboxes probably for gold

T34B – Tier VIII American heavy tank

FOCH 155 – Tier X French tank destroyer probably for a large amount of silver


I will be updating the table with new sales for those wanting to keep track


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