Can we add more ways to punish trolling players?

In the last few games I met a number of players, who were downright trolling. Some of them were trying to push me out of the bushes, when I was playing TD's. Others got me team killed a few times and then blamed me for "blocking their target". Not to mention, that the rest of these players wouldn't stop cursing in Chat.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, that there's no way to punish these guys properly. I know there is a penalty for team killing and going AFK, but I still feel like the majority of players are still getting away with a lot of things.

What I'm suggesting is, to add the option to Report players instead of complaining about them, or to add something like 'Military Honor', which would sum up the number of complaints the player has received and calculate their trustworthiness factor. There is a similar system in World of Tanks: Blitz and it works really well.

Your thoughts?


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