Change my mind: Artillery need to be completely outright removed from the game

Reasons for removing artillery:

  • They require exactly 0 skill to play
  • There is no way to counter them unless you yourself are an arty
  • The people that play arty are idiots, removing them would force them to play other classes that require at least 2 functioning neurons
  • The stun mechanic is anti-fun
  • HE shell spamming is anti-fun
  • They dont even have to hit you to kill 3 crew members and deal 500 dmg
  • Outright counter certain classes on certain maps, think heavies on prok vs 3 arty, it encourages heavies to camp at the back for fear of being hit

Summary: Artillery sit at the back of the map, completely out of harms way for most of the game, spamming HE shells, missing all of them but still dealing damage and killing all your crew, they do not require any skill, they do not add an interesting interaction between players, they only sap the fun out of fights and frustrate people

Reasons for not removing artillery:

  • They prevent camping
  • It would require a lot of rebalancing
  • A lot of work has gone into artillery, removing them would waste that
  • Sometimes the only thing that can deal with op hull down heavies (Obj 279 e or chieftain for example)
  • They are fun to kill

Summary: they are a core part of the game that tanks are balanced around, and can counter campers and op heavies


  • Artillery doesnt prevent camping in fact i would argue it ENCOURAGES camping, no one can take any position that isnt behind cover without risking haemorrhaging health, making people too scared make any plays.
  • It wouldnt require that much rebalancing, most equipment that applies to arty also applies to other things too, and the ones that directly apply to arty (crew stun time etc) can be removed and replaced with something else
  • Not removing artillery because time has been wasted on them is a classic example of the sunk cost fallacy
  • Ok they are good in countering op heavies, so why not just nerf those heavies? remove artillery and nerf 279 e and chieftain, sorted

Imagine how much more fun this game could if that artillery shell just hadnt missed you by 10m, stunned you, killed half your crew and dealt a quarter of your hp, artillery dont add anything to the game, only remove. They have ruined countless games of mine and im sure theyve ruined countless games of yours too. We need to do something to tell WG that artillery are quite possibly one of the worst game mechanics in any popular game to date, and need to be removed.


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  • Badger 23.12.2020 in 23:14

    In Removing arty as a class you would just need to have Light tanks carry 2 Arty Barrage Requests each kind of like in Frontlines.
    Also give them the Ability to call in smoke 2x a match ! Smoke lasts 45 seconds on field.

    All With a refresh rate of 60 seconds

    1.) It would give light tank players more to do. Perhaps light tank players would stop driving in a straight line until they are dead.

    2.) Limit 3 Light tanks a Game 2 Light tanks and 1 Wheeled vehicle or 2 Wheeled vehicles and and a light tank.

    3.) Like in frontlines show just before the arty strike comes in there could be a warning given.

    Boom No need for arty in the game

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