Controversial idea (Map changes)

Looking at WoT history, my things have been improved (UI, Graphics,…)

But is Wot better than what it was 4 years ago? In my opinion, No.

Tanks stats got extrem, like Kranvagn, STB, a whole bundle of th8 prems and the never going to be nerfed FV4201/T95 and 279(e).

But why is that? A Kranvagn, STB or FV on Westfield often means tactical loss for one team, if they dont have similar tanks. (Same goes for T95 or E3 on Ensk…).

I had a game in which 5 oponents just drove off, crashing to death, because the map was kinda ass for them (Overlord). And I can understand why. There is no reason to fight multiple Kranvagn (one of them was me) with tanks like IS-7, stock pta…

And it made me realize, what would WG do if everybody would act like that.

Imagine, if everybody just suicides, even though their tank might be good for the map, maybe we could make WG focus onto redesigning maps, instead of creating new "WW2" never built prototype premiums.

Sounds stupid I know, but if everyone would just kill themselves, on maps like Abbey, Airfield, Lakeville or Berlin, WG will have to do something about it.

And if they just remove the option to end the game and hop in the next game for a better map, we will know what WG is focusing on.

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