Effective VR of Lights (Tier 5 to Tier 10)


Attached is an image showing what I beleive to be the effective view ranges of fully researched lights between T5 and T10, using their base VR and camo values with a 100% crew and no equipment

The numbers are shown "in the open" vs a hypothetical tank with 0 camo, which has 400/445/500m VR respectively

The idea is that at the LT's base VR the hypothetical tank would be spotted, then using the LT's base camo how much further (or not) that LT can drive forward without being spotted based on the hypothetical tank's VR

Taking the AMX 13 105 Vs 400m as an example – The hypothetical tank is spotted at 390m, which means the AMX 13 105 could drive forward another 53.63m until spotted by the hypothetical tank, giving it an effective VR of 443.63m

What do I take away from this?

Every light tank from T8-T10 outperforms vs 400m with it's base values, excluding the wheelies

Only 2 light tanks outperform vs 445m, the Rhm Pzw and the Sheridan

Not a single light tank can outperform vs 500m

Excluding premium tanks, German LTs have the most effective VR from T7-T10 (Probably why they've not been buffed)

The T-100 LT has the 3rd least effective VR in T10, ahead of the AMX 13 105 and the EBR 105

Brit LTs are pretty much middle of the pack, which is disappointing considering how poor their other stats are

Raw VR looks to be more useful than camo, as shown by the Rhm, Sheridan, Ru 251, T49, HWK 12 and HWK 30

I'm not 100% sure my maths is correct here – if anyone has suggestions/comments please feel free to let me know – The effective values were calculated using: BaseVR-(VR-(VR-50)*(BaseCamo/100))+BaseVR With VR being the hypothetical VR (400/445/500m)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/djaz2u/effective_vr_of_lights_tier_5_to_tier_10/

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