Equipment 2.0, as presented, is worrisome

Currently, as Equipment 2.0 exists, every vehicle will have its own unique set of 2 equipment slots with boosts.

Survivability, Mobility, Firepower, or Scouting. For example the batchat would be mobility and scouting, and the Maus would be dual suvivability.

Tanks that have their equipment in the slots respective of that specific equipment will get bonuses for it. With additional hardening, instead of 5% health the Maus gets 10% health increase. With the turbocharger, instead of 10% more horsepower the batchat will get 15%.

Now that's interesting, but doesn't it lock tanks into specific playstyles, simply to get the maximum outcome?
Okay, that's cool some tanks are gonna be more dedicated to their roles than others. But what about…

Tank destroyers and Artillery. What's going on here, Artillery are "Self Propelled Guns" and Tank Destroyers are known specifically for their guns.

Are tank destroyers and arty going to only have firepower equipment slots? Not all? The majority?
Is this equipment 2.0 going to bring in a whole era of even faster firing artillery and tank destroyers until it's fixed?


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