Gold Rounds Might Need a Nerf

Now I'm not a good player but I can tell you gold rounds are not good for the game the way they are, armor on plenty of tanks is practically useless because of it. I was playing tonight and I got quite annoyed with a jageru penning my s conq's front of the turret with heat no issue. Now I rage at this game rather quickly so I decided why not test gold rounds in my jageru.

Here's the replay if you want to see it:

There were about 4 or 5 tanks in the alleyway across from me, but I find this hilarious. I fired one gold round, and even though it bounced, those tanks never peaked again accept maybe one more time from an e75. Basically that one 10k credit shell stopped them from fighting, which in turn stopped us from fighting, drawing the game. Maybe it's just me, but I dont think 1 shell should have the power to turn a completely losing scenario into a draw. But what do you all think?

Just needed to vent a bit cause I get quite angry at this game sometimes.


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