Guide to Mirny-13

vehicles: Honestly, I don't see a reason to play the M103 besides to level it up. It's slow, bad aim, and dpm is only ok. After level one the feeling of armor fades away quickly. Ramming is fun though.

equipment suggestions:

boost, emergency repairs, shield for med/heavy & team heal for lights

Team heal is rather weak so 'born ready' is better for hornet to get a new clip

Boost only works in forward direction, and in true WG fashion makes LTs very squirrely

Recovery is worth paying for differently per level unlocked:

If you lose at any level you get $10k, which won't even cover your restock fee

$75k makes sense if you can clear level 2

$135k makes sense if you can clear level 3

$225k makes sense if you can clear level 4 probably

Each recovery attempt counts towards all drivers, so you might as well play your favorite after the daily reset attempts

  1. Stick together, at level two you can't solo warrior any groups
  2. Don't die. Even if your team survives, you lose all your perks and half your health. Coming back from that is difficult.
  3. From what I can tell dropped mirum must be picked up by the person who shot the enemy, unless that person dies. Similarly kills seem to secure anomaly powerups for one player only so secure those kills!
  4. Leave yourself time to return to collector AND remember there is an enemy group at the collector too. The collector seems harder to get to at higher levels, limited and more elevated routes
  5. Use map communication to call movements, your radios are short ranged and allies will be hard to see
  6. The immortal is immortal, duh. He will chase you slowly but consistently, so run away and try to get a LT to take the aggro and lead a chase

Round One: no immortal, just work towards the collector killing things along the way. Mostly P43s. You will need 80/90/100 mirum corresponding to your difficulty.

Round Two: still P43s mostly few luchs, but they're stronger. The Immortal is in play so pay attention to the yellow bar above the mini-map. the fuller it is, the closer he is.

Farm away from the immortal as a group, you should be fast enough to outpace him working together

It's tempting to go to the center on spawn, but that's the best way to get your slow tanks picked off by the immortal too

You will need 240/270/360 mirum to clear.

Round Three: Enemies upgrade to P44s, skorpions, and hunting panther IIs. Luchs and fireballs as well, easy to kill if you can catch them. You will need 400/450/500 mirum to clear.

Round Four: Probably start seeing KV2s and FV4005s. Moderate or max risk only, so you will need 540/600 mirum to clear.

This event is a big silver sink, which is annoying when they stack it with ranked, another silver sink. It's kinda fun but any mistake dooms the whole team so I highly encourage platoons and having a caller.

It would be great if someone could take a platoon and figure out the math behind the mirum values of various swarms per level and type, but I don't have time/access for that yet.


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