How is obj 703-II not the best tier8 russian heavy?

Can anyone tell me in which aspect 703 is less stronger than for example defender?

Its definitely Just better than is-3 in everything. Yet not sure about is-3A tho.

Hull is probably a bit weaker than defender's, but overall it reminds me of obj-430u's hull.

Turret is definitely stronger than is3's or defender's.

Gun depression is 7 degrees.

DPM is approximately same as of is3 but with occasional 780 damage rolls. If 703 loads 780 into tier 9 heavy tank, it will out dpm lot of them(Like t-10, wz-111-1-4) next. by shooting 390 3 times after that.

Edit: Forget about it, Just found out there is 7 seconds additional to wait until you make a next shot after double shot. Not that OP. Thx to everyone who explained me.


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