How to angle pike-nose tanks like the Object 260?

Hello /r/WorldofTanks ,

I recently earned the Obj 260, which is a pike-nose tank. I've played some tanks like the IS-3 which have a pike-nose, and I've always felt like I would prefer a normal flat front that I could angle simply.

I'm not exactly a beginner, so I have a good sense on how to angle heavies properly already. I'd just like to go from "good" to "great" so I can get maximum use out of the 260.

It just has felt like no matter how I try to angle a pike-nose, there is always an area for the enemy to pen frontally. If I point toward them, they can hit lower plate with ease. If I angle how you'd typically angle a flat-nose tank, the 45 degree frontal plates are easy pens. Sidescrapping seems off the table too since the 45 degree plates go pretty far back frontally and will be exposed. So how do I turn a corner and trade without taking damage?

Also: I realize the 260 is a decent reverse sidescrapper. I am still not sure how often or not I should be doing this, especially since the turn speed of the 260 seems especially slow compared to other reverse sidescrappers I've played like the Object 257. Plus unlike the 257, there seems to be a open weakspot they can hit here. Regardless, there is many occasions where this is simply not an option and regular peaking will have to suffice, so definitely looking at how to do that most effectively


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