How to enjoy Steel Hunter

This is probably gonna be a bit controversial, but anyways, here goes.

I'm writing this as someone who has played well over 100 solo Steel Hunter games and won over 50% of them over the last few months, here's how I managed to not burn out.

TLDR: Don't play Raven or Harbinger, be super aggressive

Step 1: Don't play Raven or Harbinger, they fucking suck.

Yes, they're easy to play, fast tanks with good DPM and yes, they have arguibly the most overpowered abilities out of all the tanks, BUT, they're the least fun to play. Here's why:

  • Raven and Harbinger have a small chance to even make it into the mid-game. Outplating other tanks is much harder, especially in the early game. You don't have armor, can't really use ramming to your advantage, and the engine upgrade is all the way at tier 3, meaning other tanks will outrun you easily, and, more importantly, you will have a hard time escaping others when in a losing battle. Also, te OP abilities are on slot 6, meaning you won't have them early-game.
  • The gameplay is mundane. Literally the best you can do is look for fights, auto-aim and destroy the opponent with your high DPM. Wow. So exciting.
  • Most important of all, when battling Raven or Harbinger, in a Raven or Harbinger, the fights are super boring and frustrating. You have pretty much a 50/50 chance of either getting a close win or close defeat after holding W and left mouse button for 30 seconds. In most cases, if defeat, there's literally nothing you could do to win. Since these battles are almost always super close, there will often be a third tank coming in after the battle to sieze all the loot without any effort. Nothing you can do.

If that's a playstyle you enjoy, good for you. Though this is the most common problem of someone I see complaining about the game mode.

The other tanks have more variety and potential. Here's just a few things I like doing with each of the tanks not mentioned yet:


  • Set a minefiend right into someone's face, once they're stuck start pushing them around so that more mines set off, tracking them, damaging them and stunning them at the same time
  • Blast someone out of existence with the tier 7 double gun (1100 alpha)


  • Lure a slow tank far off into the danger zone in late game, proceed to demolish their tracks with a HE clip and abilities, run off to safety and watch them suffer
  • Annoy the shit out of someone using the tier 7 machine gun, preferrably with two other platoonmates using the same gun
  • Sneak into someone's fight, take all the loot and run

Walküre (my personal favorite)


Step 2: Be very aggressive (but not stupid aggressive)

Especially in the early game. Even one kill/air drop early on will get you ahead in pace for the entire game.

If you're playing Varyag or Walküre, tanking early on fights will often go in your favor. The armor is effective, since no one has upgrades yet, and the alpha damage is good, so if you manage to initiate the fight, you'll have a decent advantage.

Air drops are suprisingly easy to get.

Most of the time, one of two scenarios will happen when the air drops come:

  • There's no one around, or everyone is too busy battling – you're free to take it and run away (works best with Arlequin)
  • There's some tanks battling – wait for the perfect moment, step into the fight once it's almost over and seize all the loot, but make sure no one does the same to you

When being one step ahead of everyone, you will find it very easy to win the battle. When done correctly and with some luck, you can get tier 7 as early as 4 minutes into the game.

Step 3: Improve your skill in Steel Hunter (duh)

To be fair, Steel Hunter is very different from random battles (I suck in randoms myself), but probably the best way to improve is to play a bunch and see what works for you.

Here's some gameplay tips I find useful:

  • Always take the fast recharge radio when in solo mode, and use it constantly, especially when in a fight,so that you are prepared for when a third tank joins the fight
  • Be around the center of the map when the air drops are about to come. They spawn at 13:20, and in 2 minute intervals from there, eg. 11:20, 9:20, etc.
  • Load high-penetration rounds when not fighting. It's a lifesaver when you run into an armored tank
  • When in a fight of 3 or more, running is often the best option. If you manage to escape, you can heal up, upgrade the tank and come back after a few moments to finish the fight and take all the loot
  • When in late game, keep an eye out for the zone. If you have a slow tank, getting all the way to the safe zone can be impossible

Any criticism or suggestions to the post is appreciated


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