How WG counts crew skill training?


I was wondering, is there any system, how WG multiples crew skill training? I've recently started new tree and have 2/5 completely fresh crew members and was wondering, when I'm going to reach them to 100% base experience.

But I've recently played a game in a premium vehicle, so it may be even harder to multiply. So:

The game I've played was in AMX 13 57. Base XP I got was 930. I had modificators listed below:

+ premium account

+ 200% XP for crew

+ x5 XP for Victories

+ combat experience coefficient x5

+ premium tank

And game showed this:

Battle: Erlenberg
Vehicles: AMX 13 57
Experience received: 12 834

and Detailed report:

earned for battle: 1395 (because of premium account)
reward for completing missions: 11 160
bonus for premium vehicle: 279
total: 12 834

How much XP my crew got from this battle, if every one of them survived and wasn't injured at the end of the battle? I don't believe it's 13k from battle with those bonuses + 200% from crew reserves (26k) + prem vehicle 50% (6,5k) which gives like 45,5k xp.


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