I played WoT since 2010. T34 was always my fav. Got the T32 2 days ago, and well… the pic says it all I guess…

Got the B version in B.M. After all these games I abandoned getting a third Mark. Even with latest buff, I just couldnt…Something is awfully wrong with the T34. I still love it, but even with Full Bonds rammer vents and Turbo, it still cant work. Its more of a TD. with shit camo. doesnt work either. Turret? very situational.

I only bought the T32 few days ago and I AM IN LOVE. I always had a thing for guns with high standard pen, kinda why I love the T34, but I must face this isnt 2014 Anymore. Sometimes you just cant afford to miss, and you need that extra bounce, and you need that extra dpm, extra gun handling…so on…so on……etc etc. I think I m keeping the T32 for now.

Btw I aced it 6 times in these 2 days I think lol.

Conclusion? I need to play what works for me. Not what my heart wants.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qusp9j/i_played_wot_since_2010_t34_was_always_my_fav_got/

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