I think the second iteration of 1.5.1 got buried by the Black Market! I made a conclusion and feedback!

Okey. I hope I am not too late D: Those are my thoughts about the Second Iteration of 1.5.1!

As per usual did I put my thoughts ( and prayers in a video over here )


I like the idea even though it devalues some hard grinded crews for. I do see a lot of potential for new players to get such books which might help them to get a decent crew to fight against older players with better crews and high skilled ones. My Feedback ist:

  • Consider making the second smallest Crewbook ( which gives 100k exp ) personalized, so they can be used to pump your crewmember to a 100% base skill rate. And consider giving the smallest crewbooklet 25k. So now we can decide between boosting our whole crew or giving just one a boost. With 3 of the 100k EXP books a new player could pump his comander all the way to 6th sense.
  • Consider making books which have 0% skill perks in it ( like 0% BIA of Rudy or Cromwell B crews). In those books give something like 6th sense. It would be awesome when new players can get 3 books like this so they can have 3 tankcrews with 6th sense all the time


 Great news that the reversespeed is back. Still it lacks DPM, one of the lowest on T10 btw and Horsepower. You pay A LOT for having a good gun, but why does Mobility and DPM have to be one of it when you have no armor or decent camo. Also the progression from Leo PTA to Leo 1 feels very lackluster, especially after Leo PTA buffs. Look at T9 Swed Med to T10. Its a huge improvement even though you still see that T9 tank as a good tank!

Leo PTA:  I like all the changes. No problems there. Well done! Feels like a very good sniper medium and I look forward on getting it again!

STB-1:  Sadly no buffs to turret accuracy. Its a pitty, really! Plus the gimmicky new mechanic just doesn't work that well. It feels just meh. I perform better in the Type-61 allthough it has worse armor and worse DPM. Just because I don't have to use a finicky mechanic.


BIG winner of this update! like FRICK. This tank feels absolutely amazing! The buff to its ammocapacity in CT2 helped him so much! Its lovely, really! People which love M47 Patton will love this machine! A wonderful rework!

Those are my thoughts and I hope I can give constructive feedback!
Kind regards

Ps: For you Reddit and FB persons. PLEASE share your feedback in the respective forums!

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NA: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/604713-update-151-common-test-2-is-here/

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