Incorrect models in-game

This post isn't inteded to call out fake tanks, but rather if a tank is based on real designs the in-game model should attempt to replicate this. I also know that these aren't the only tanks in the game that have been incorrectly modelled, just the ones I know.

None of the changes would drastically effect balance and all model changes can be done within a day by two people (modeler + artist) so it's not like it would consume a huge amount of resources, and model/texture work wouldn't effect how much time is spent on the balance department for those that want to argue that there are more important things to do.

So with that out of the way:

T110 tanks

The eliptical hull on these tanks is completely wrong and I can only assume they're this way for the T110E5 to match the M103 and the E3 and E4 just got the short and of the stick because of it. On all of them the hull should be closer to that of the M60 in design.

Along with the hull, on the E5 also has a wider turret front and incorrect gun mantlet and very wrong commanders cupola

T110E5 sketch

T110E5 in-game

The E4, being fake, should be named the T110E6 (also a fake designation) as the actual T110E4 design is incorrectly called the T110E3 in-game. Giving it the M60 style hull would also be a bit of a buff in that it would allow the turret to rotate 360 deg (if the rear of the T28 proto was changed to match the T28.

It would also be nice if the gun depression could match the other T110's -8 deg and it (along with the T28 Proto) had stronger turrets with weak hulls to match the T30, but thats a different matter.

T110E6 in-game

The T110E3, or rather, what should be the T110E4 shares the same hull design, with the engine compartment raised slightly and the gun mantle more squard off similar to the T95

T110E4 sketch

T110E4 in-game

Emil I

Another tank thats completely wrong, and I mean every aspect about its design is the Emil I. That's because the Emil I is just an incorrectly modelled Emil 1951. The correct Emil 1 design should be the Emil II, but down scaled to the size of the Emil 1951.

At the very least put the correct Emil 1951 turret onto the pike-nose hull, and maybe make the Emil II/Krv style turret as an upgrade

Emil I w/ Emil 1951 turret


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