Is this the true King?

Had a decent game on Karelia, my team lost but I did ok supporting and moving to try and make it work.

During the battle I notice an Obj. 263 sitting in the back, not really moving to support, shooting a bit but not playing that well. Likely a bot but could just be a bad player.

Post game I go and have a look. Ok, not terrible, but they are using the anonymizer, this gets me curious, so I check the profile.

Oh wow…. 173,678 games.

For comparison Skill4ltu has 122k, and Quickybaby has 67k. I have around 25k and play most days.

Breaking that down, there have been 2,751 days from their account being created to today (11/11/21), on average that works out to 63 battles a day, every day since the account was made.

63 battles a day, at an average of 7min per battle, works out to a little over 7 hours of WoT every single day for 7 and a half years.

So I have a little look at what sort of tanks they like to play, is it all premiums for credits? Or T10s for lols?

Nope, it is literally every tank in the game according to wotlabs, they have played 590 tanks, and even more weird they play nice round numbers. Nearly every tank they have played is like this, some are in between which I guess are the ones on the play rotation currently. They have bought nearly every premium, frontline/battlepass token reward tank and bond tank.

So people, do you think this is a bot? Have you found someone with more battles than this?


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  • LJB 14.11.2021 in 00:35

    I think I played with that one the other day. Same general feel, similar number of average battle a day. The one I looked at didn’t have a particularly good win rate or WoT player rating. I was guessing it is a person that isn’t healthy, plays a few blocks a day, none of them well. Was your account mediocre or worse?

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