I’ve given up hope that Wargaming will actually balance this game.

  1. So they've said that all changes to the AMX30B have been cancelled because their all-seeing stats say that "it is good." When they cancelled the buffs last year it was under the guise of "we will come back to it later" but now they just intend to leave the tank as garbage.

  2. They buff the T32's rate of fire on the abysmal 105mm gun, only to nerf it back into uselessness again before the buff even goes live.

  3. The T110E5 is probably the most power crept, worthless tier X heavy, with 2nd lowest HP, bad mobility, lowest damage, bad DPM, mediocre gun handling, bad armour, vulnerability to module damage, mediocre gun depression of 8°, and huge turret and hull front weakspots. Tech tree tanks like the S.Conqueror, 5A and Object 277 make it obsolete, and the reward tanks like the Chieftain and 279e make it a bad joke. The buffs Wargaming offered on the test server were so minor that it would have made no difference (minor gun handling and DPM improvements, and an alteration to the hull side armour around the idler wheel) but even these small changes are apparently too much, as they have just reversed the DPM and gun handling changes. What is the purpose of this tank at all now? Do the balance devs actually play the game?

  4. After 3 iterations of the test server, the British light tank tier increases are still so bad it makes me want to cry. Tier 5 Covenanter and tier 6 Crusader are hopelessly bad, borderline unplayable, without substantial buffs. Just put the Crusader's 1.9 test stats against any other tier 6 light, and it is 20-30% worse in nearly every metric other than (theoretical) DPM, which you'll never see with such bad gun handling. The entire British light line will now be abysmal, from the start of the branch all the way to tier X. These tanks are simply worse at absolutely everything a light tank needs to be good at, compared with every competing tank of another nation.

The only good balance news in the dev comments uploaded recently was experimenting with nerfing wheels as a mechanic, by losing more speed when hit in the wheels, and giving assist to players who do so, enabling damage from their team. Apparently if this isn't enough to stop them ruining the game, raw stats like speed, engine power, etc, will also be attacked. At least WG acknowledges (late) that these cars are being an absolute scourge of high tier.

All things considered though, the balance changes on the test server (particularly the T110E5 nerfs, the British light tank tier increases, and the apparent refusal to improve the 30B in any way) leads me to think the balance department consists of monkeys banging on typewriters.

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