Just had a Skorp G get mad at me for shooting HE…

TL;DR: Skorp G got mad at me after game because I shot him with HE, so I want to know your guy’s stories.

In my CS-52 Lis, I carry 3 rounds of HE because they’re pretty useful sometimes. Seldom do I use them. However, when I know that I’m coming up on a Skorp G or an SU-130PM, I like to load them because, into the front of the turret of those two, 9/10 they pen (sometimes I get unlucky and hit the mantlet). Well, this time, I was cresting a ridge where a this Skorp G was, and I decided to load HE. I was lucky enough to have him facing away from me, so I shot one into the open back of his turret a got a nice roll of 485dmg. Obviously, I’m not going to load back AP or APCR, so I put a second HE shell into the side of his turret, killing him. We won the game, and I did over 4k combined (T6 game, so not a lot of HP to go around). Well, after the game, I look at the post game stats, and I see a message pop up. I didn’t see the name on my team list, so I opened it. This is what it said “all u fa***** shooting HE. get good and learn where to shoot. shitter”. Now, this was really funny to me. So I went back to the post game stats and saw that he only did 408 dmg (so, literally one shot worth), yet came at me like this. So I laughed at him and told him that any decent player would shoot HE at a target with basically no armor. Just a funny, stupid situation all together.

So, the point of telling this story is that, now I want to know your guy’s funniest, stupidest, or most messed up interactions with people after a game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jyhya3/just_had_a_skorp_g_get_mad_at_me_for_shooting_he/

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