Let’s consider the huge impact of crew books in the game

Been playing this confessable addiction since 2012 i have witnessed so many changes. But the crew book is one of the most significant changes after premium ammo for silver. The impact is going to be massive in game.

The unicums see their advantages shortened by a huge lap. Just against oponents with full cammo, everything is different. No talking about playing against rivals with maxed view range or repairs.

The race now is not getting the highest TIER, is maxing your crew. A T67 with 5 skills is simply a joy to play. Even mediocre tanks will greatly improve with 4-5 skills. I needed 2000 battles in StuG III Ausf. G to get 4 skills, rightnow my Strv m/42 (Tier V Swedish) has 4 skills with 19 battles.

What is the cost? In the past was time, after that free-exp to increase crew training, now is only just silver. Now you will need premium account and 1 or 2 good premiums tier VIII. You can make 2.000.000 credits reasonably fast. But boosting your crew experience really boost your game experience.

Having different premiums of different nations to train different lines is no longer needed! Powercreep of premiums is going to be -someway- limited. Because premiums usually come with amazing crews and now everybody is fighting them with good crews.

Thank you Wargaming! This is HUGE step towards having fun with your game. My B-C 12t with 5 skills is just AMAZING! I never dreamed to be able to reach that experience level.

P.D. : Thank you LemmingRush, Taugrim, Quickbaby, Claus Kellerman and Skill4ltu for your channels!

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