Let’s talk about the CDC

2300 dpm with vents and rammer, but higher with bia and good if you wanna run it. Good enough view range and camo. Great mobility and gun depression. Good pen, good shell velocity.

Most of the core paper medium stats are pretty great for a prem T8 med.

Armor has been and always will be a problem. Arty splash generally hits you for what a non-penetrating shot does on most meds, and you flat out will get penned. Plus all the HE tanks. Honestly I don’t even care, it’s kind of funny.

What’s bad? I think the gun handling is really the problem. The bloom and aim time feel awful. You have to over expose almost every time to get a partially aimed shot off. Snap shoots, even without turret or hull rotation, vstab, and gunnery skills, are a joke. The gun is basically a potato launcher. All the dpm, pen, and shell velocity don’t really matter because you can’t hardly land shots.

I really think of the aiming stats were buffed just a little bit this tank would be much more balanced. The armor is what kinda keeps the tank in check. For all of the downsides of the armor none of the upsides balance it out.

So not even comparing it to the S tier t8 prems like the Lorraine, and progetto, I think it’s probably still even worse than the KR Patton and the mutz. Pretty sure the panther 88 is probably still worse, or about in the same spot.

What does the rest of the sub think? This tank used to be pretty fantastic, but always suffered from HE pens, especially pre-nerf arty. I think mostly because the only thing to compare it to was the FCM, which it basically did everything the FCM did/does better.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/buxi22/lets_talk_about_the_cdc/

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