Dota News 1 on Sep. 29th, COVID Tested Positive For Team Aster

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  1. COVID Tested Positive For Team Aster.

The official account of Team Aster posted on Weibo that Monet, XXS and Borax have been tested positive for COVID and have been quarantined. Their team leader, assistant coach Mad, and their photographer all tested positive too.

Other Chinese Teams are fine.

Original Post on Weibo

  1. Upper and Lower Limits of Different Chinese Teams

Someone in the Chinese Community made this chart and I think it’s quite accurate.

Which Chinese team are you guys rooting for?

  1. Davion Is Back! Dragon’s Blood Season 2 Will Be Coming Soon, according to the producing
    team for season 1.

  1. OG vs OpenAI’s Documentary Is Available Now!

Here’s the link for it.

  1. New Customizations Coming.

Player #Chuchelllo studied the update file and found out silhouettes of three heroes. Therefore, there might be new events coming in the following weeks. It looks like Luna and Mirana to me. What do you guys think?

Could be 2 styles for Luna.

  1. Translations for AME on Gorgc

I know a lot of you guys are curious about what the hell AME is saying during Gorgc’s stream.

Ame mad at Gorgc & team? Translation Please

Starting from 0:25 “Can you cast your spells properly?” “ Why are you Ulting (SD’s ult) Rubick?” “ Only ult bs or sb. Understand?”

If you have more translation needs, just leave a comment down below with a link. I’ll try my best to respond to every translation comment. Feel free to help me out if you are also Chinese speakers.

  1. TI is Just Around the Corner. Coming On Next Thursday, October 7th!!

Let’s take a look at the leaderboard of Europe.

NothingToSay is absolutely a monster. Everyone is playing in Europe rn, he’s still ranking no.1, which means he’s probably the highest mmr player in the whole world.

It’s quite terrifying as NothingToSay could gain 1k mmr for every month. He was already 12k on May 20th. GL NTS!

PS: Just in case you guys missed out. I’m Tony. As part of my school project as well as my motivations, I’ll be posting every Wednesday and Friday until December when school ends. My content will mainly focus on the chinese dota community as I’m Chinese myself and I realize that it’s something many of you guys are interested in and have no access to.

Here’s the link of me introducing the whole thing.

Last but not least,

Hope you guys enjoy the post and see you all on Friday.


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