Marks of Excellence

Hey fellow Tankers,

Merry Christmas to all of you, whether you celebrate it or not.

And congratulations to everyone who recently posts 3marking this or that tank.

As a player who is doing okay with a 52% overall WR at approx 10500 games, I still wonder how to achieve results like this – I have 1 marked most of my tanks and 2 marked just one or two out of a total of 80 tanks.

But as I am way to inconsistent to keep up high or good dmg games again and again I am asking for some tips or advise how to achieve 3 marks on certain tanks.

Or should I just drop this thought, git gut first -to get better and more constant results and 3 marks will follow?

I assume 3marking is sort of the real endgame content when you focus on just a particular tank, with best crew, bond equipment and gold only?


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