Matchmaking and Frustration of Newer Players

As I'm newer to the game, I have no idea how it has been in the past. But how is matchmaking currently working and why does it seem, that there are no criteria beside the "2 tier rule"? The matchmaking seems incredibly frustrating to me and I feel it would so for other new players as well. Matchmaking doesn't seem to take into account any rating what so ever. I basically can grind my way to a VII vehicle (or pretty much any tier) and play against godlike enemies who have 10k+ battles, multiple marks and so on. Why is that? How would that not be incredibly frustrating? The game itself has a way to rate players (based on performance). Why isn't this taken into account for matchmaking? Is the player base so little?

The game is kind of addictive. On one side it is frustrating beyond believe on the other side you still want to play it. Shouldn't the game make the entry for newer players a little more enjoyable? Just think about it. You start the game and have to learn all the details. Meanwhile you potentially could play against the best players from the get go. Also you have to stock grind which also is super frustrating, especially if you play against better players already.

Maybe ranked is the solution here? But as it seems, there only were 2 seasons already and currently no season is running.

What are your opinions here?


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