Mirny: Hope appreciation post

Because it cannot always be bad negative posts, God damn wargaming what a beautifully perfect event!

This is truly wargaming at its best !

Last year Mirny was my favorite event of that year but this one? Cooked to freaking perfection.
– The tanks very balanced every each one have their own gameplay
– Great abilities that bring a good strategy element to it
– The stage abilities also a nice touch, rewarding players that play well and don't yolo into a early death
– The atmosphere and garage, awesome
– The difficulty? extremely well balanced, though yet achievable
– it's fun as hell and playing on platoon? Fun x1000
– The sounds ?.ominous and somber, fit like a glove, the guns feel.so satisfying, especially when they change the deeper you go
– The Music? Awesome! That last Music at the boss stage? Again perfection really makes the blood pumping
– The whole progression and rewards scheme? Perfect, difficult yet fair, you even added a grind way to get the tank that is pretty attainable for the people having trouble killing the hard boss, bravo!
– A nice tank with a beautiful cammo!
– Cammos attainable for gold
– The Video Story? Very good idea, small chunks of history to bind everything, it won't get the Oscar for best script but it does the job

Sidenote on the music , lately wargaming have been pushing the quality of the music on a higher level, standouts: Studzianki, the Waffentrager song and now the Boss battle rock music, what a treat to the players, thank you for that, props for the musicians.

Ok it's so good this one that I have to be really nitpicking to catch some less good things, worst offender for me was the voice overs in English in the videos , did you guys use WOT employees? Lolol maybe in Russian sounds better but the voice is delivered as full of emotion as a wooden plank, 2000% flat, its like someone is reading a grocery list and bored at that lol really atrocious.

And the end boss or you really get lucky on the random players or you definitely need a 3+ platoon to get the job done, it's nitpicking again because platoon on this is fun as hell but it can be a hurdle for some players.

Skins for Silver even a huge ammount of silver? Maybe I'm pushing it a bit on this one 🙂

In conclusion, wargaming, this has to be the benchmark for future events fun shit decent and attainable rewards where you don't have to waste a third of your life to get it, and a awesome design all around, this just brought back my love of wot that was on a bit of a low lately. 10/10.

Many thanks Wargaming, keep things like this coming, and remember a happy player always have a happy wallet ready 🙂

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