My thoughts on how to fix the ammo rework

To start things off I'd like to give a bit of background information. I've been playing this game for around about 7 years now and have amassed around 22-25k games played across several accounts Starting with my og account and moving onto my current Main I'm around about a 2300-2500 wn8 player currently and I personally feel like I have a decent grasp of the game mechanics.

As it is right now I'm not particularly happy with the current success that they had with the previous AP and HP rework that was tested or the current HE rework test. I believe that they are going entirely backwards about the problem and that the current changes being tested suck. So here's my solution.

1) Gold ammo should be decreased in damage by around 30%. This needs to be done on a tank by tank basis and not just a blanket change to all gold ammo. For example the T-54 which is notorious for spamming HEAT might need to either have its standard round pen increased along with the HEAT damage being decreased in order to help make it not so reliant on its gold rounds.
2)Weak points need to be added to tons of tanks. There are currently to many tanks in the game which have either no serious frontal weak points or their "weak points" are actually not that weak. This is something they can add in several patches over a few months as long as they start at tier 10 and work their way down.
3) Standard deviation for rng needs to be reworked. Shots should fly truer to where you aim them damage and pen should be closer to what is listed.
4) Add HP to lower tier tanks. Starting at tier 7 with small to no buffs to hp and working down to tier 1 with the largest buffs. This should also be done on a tank by tank basis. For instance a Tiger 1 (1500 HP) doesn't need an HP buff but a IKV 90B (800 HP) definitely does

I'd love to hear everyones opinions on this topic.


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