New Wheeled Vehicles?

So I think I have come up with an interesting idea. If you have ever read Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy, there is a part where the US uses shoot-and-scoot vehicles to harass the Russians as they advance. These would be small, mobile wheeled vehicles that would have zero armor and an open top. If added to WOT, they would have a very powerful rocket launcher that would do about 400 damage at tier 6, to about 1000 at tier 10. The vehicles would be fast, maneuverable, and have incredible camo when stationary. However, all of that camo would be set to 0% when they fired. The gun would have a high alpha but would have a large bloom when moving or turning the turret. Aim time would be in the region of 5 seconds, but it would still get to respectable accuracy after this longer aim time. The reload would be one of the most interesting parts. Since this gun could prove to be a devasting force, it is balanced by a zero camo rating when firing. This means that it most likely will need to relocate. However, the reload is dynamic, changing depending on how fast you are going. So, when parked, it would be able to reload in about 30 secs, about the same as the FV4005. However, when moving, the reload would increase to around 90 seconds or so.

Gameplay for this vehicle would be shoot-and-scoot. It could set up on a corner or something, ambush a tank, then run away to reload safely. This vehicle would be very vulnerable to arty and HE rounds. It would also be unable to hit anything while moving. And, when stopped, it would take a long time to aim in.

Couple of things I am not sure about yet. First of all, the view range. The amount of view range would really decide the class. If it had a good view range, it would be a light tank. However, if it did not, it would be a TD. Also, another problem is what kind of rockets it would carry. It could carry an AP kind or more of a HE kind. Also, it is possible that it would not be a rocket at all, but a recoilless gun or something along those lines.

I am open to suggestions, so feel free to criticize…


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