personal missions discussion

After several years of indifference, I joined a clan and realized that the reward tanks are worth getting for competitive play. As a result, I've been playing for missions very heavily.

And I realized that a huge percent of the missions are just luck based. The strategy for completing a lot of them is basically:

  • pick a suitable tank
  • play until the stars align and you get the right map, the right starting position, the right bunch of morons on your team and the enemy team, etc

But I think the real problem is that a lot of the missions are left over from earlier versions of the game when the meta was significantly different. For example, I think a lot of the arty missions would have been super easy like 5 years ago when arty did tons of damage. Similarly, I think block huge damage missions were much easier 5 years ago when tanks had much lower pen in general and gold use was rarer. Ditto the "do x damage to TDs" missions- the meta used to be TDs so there were like 5-10 of them in every game! Now every game has like 5 EBRs.


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