Possible shop revamp/ idea

A buddy of mine and I came up with an idea for a new store or revamp and we wanted your opinions.

Essentially the new store would take the place of the premium shop and replacing with a skin store. The premium tanks would be moved into the reward boxes earned after 5 good battles. However the tanks would be in every 50th or 100th box. The vehicles for sale on the tree would remain purchasable with gold. Tanks from boxes would be tiers II-VIII. Campaign rewards (i.e. Stug IV, Excalibur etc) would not be included in this. Alpha and beta tester tanks would have a small chance in every 200th box.

Mission tanks (i.e. the SU-130PM, TS-5 etc) that could be earned for completing the campaign would be unavailable until after the campaign ends, and two months have passed.

The skins would be applicable for tier IV through X. Skins from rewards that apply to a certain tank (i.e. The Hero of the Battle of Kursk for the T34S) would be purchasable after a set period of time has passed after the event has ended and the tank and will only apply to the one vehicle.

I know this has probably been suggested before in different concepts. We posted it in this format to get the WoT community as a part to give feedback. Any criticism, either constructive or modifications are welcome. However, bashing and unsupportive criticism doesn't help. Thank you for reading, happy tanking, and hope to hear feedback, either good or bad, as long as it's helpful.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/csieax/possible_shop_revamp_idea/

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