QuickyBaby and Stream Sniping

I've noticed QB has been accusing a lot of people of stream snipping recently. Just last stream accusations were thrown every other game. Some of them are reasonable but the majority, I believe, were not. Here's an example from his previous stream.

While not explicitly stating the T92 was stream sniping in this one example QB is seemingly implying so: "If it's almost as if he knew where I was coming from. It's a bit of a weird one, wasn't it? Why would he be aiming up above and hit 441. Like, who would be aiming up there, right? You know, you would think they would come from the left or the right. No, the guy's just is aiming straight up at me and clutch shots me for 441."

From the start of the clip the T92 saw a bunch of tanks coming from the west. At the 30 second mark QB starts going on top of that hill, before that it looked like he was going to the right of it. 3 seconds later the arty is proxy spotted by QB already looking towards the top of the hill. Taking into account stream delay and that the T92 wasn't moving upon being spotted, 3 seconds is not enough time to even attempt a stream snipe.

From what I can gather it seems QB presumes every good player (from light green and up) knows him and moreover is watching his stream at the moment. I will give him that better players are more likely to know who he is but it's just a higher likelihood, not a fact they know him and/or are watching him at that moment.

I get that he does get streamed sniped but at this point it's just seems he's throwing the excuse of "I'm being stream sniped" for good or simply lucky plays by the enemy players. Could be that I've giving too much doubt to those enemy players and QB is getting stream snipped that much. What do you people think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cgl7rl/quickybaby_and_stream_sniping/

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