Revised Crew 2.0 Feedback

Where does crew exp go on maxed crews?

Maxed crews need more incentive to play after maxing. The crew exp they can no longer make use of should be funneled back to the tank.  As a veteran crew they should get a bonus against repair and resupply costs.

BIA needs to be baked in and Replaced

BIA is just as much of a must have as Sixth Sense.  It should be baked in and replaced with a new skill.  Could be a Diversity skill that works like “Coherence” but with teammates of a different type.

Elite Progression after level 80 should be scrapped and replaced with another 10 crew points at least.

Do away with the 15% handling that gives a second BIA and Food. Crew points are more interesting to apply and more points would restrict skill tree dead zones.  Going to at least 90 points means players have to choose between a 3rd talent or desired skills across the trees.

The Community needs to recognize the buff to Accelerated Crew Training

With Crew 2.0 Accelerated training no longer trains one member of the crew, but the whole entity. It becomes a free 100% crew exp bonus for all elited tanks. Add on top of that Crew Boosters, EXP Boosters, Clan Boosters, Premium Tank Crew Bonus, Crew EXP missions, as well as the new crew trainers, then players will be grinding crews faster than ever.

WG needs to make crew exp 1:1 not 5:1 with normal exp

This is creating too much confusion with retraining penalties. If a crew needs 1 million crew exp to level up that translates to 200K normal experience. This needs to be straight forward.


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