Sandbox breaks me

To me personally the newest iteration of Sandbox just showed to me once again how disconnected the WG Balancing Team is from the game. It is surreal to me… really… Am I the delusional one? Am I the only one connecting the lack of weakspots to the outbreak of more and more gold ammo spam and the "getting used" to spamming gold because of it.

Since WG talked about adding an ammorework I always asked myself why they never thought about adding more weakspots again to every tank. Its just more and more and more armor so you HAVE to use gold rounds. 430U, Scock, Type5 to just name a few. Why are MG weakspots being removed for german tanks or even completely forgotten on newer tanks which clearly got them on their visual model.

I simply can't piece it together. WG decides to change everything but attacking the root of the problem.

Its frustrating… It really feels like insanity. Always telling em, giving em feedback and for what? It is always the same, yet I except a different result.


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