Should I skip tier9 Mauschen?

Well ı have a VK100.01P in my garage. I really love this tank a lot. It's really my type. SHE İS TİCK. and ı can't wait for the Maus. I'm all ready prepared it's crew. Full event crews. And I'm working on Chuck Norris. He is gonna be the commander. But there's one problem. Mauschen. I don't think this tank worth playing. It's like ugly middle child that nobody loves. Compared to VK yeah its a little bit more thick but when it comes to shape VK is way better. First it's doesn't have hull MG. But Mauschen have one and its a weak spot in any angle because of its shape. And turret cheeks in Mauschen is way bigger and easier to hit than the VK. And it's doesn't have the turret sides that just almost can stop anything when turret faceing enemy's. Yeah it's have a smaller commander coupler but it's still pretty big. And ı know it's have a much better gun. But VK's cannon work pretty well. And ı don't have a crew for Mauschen. I will have to train one. I allready have 8 blueprints for Maus and ı can craft the rest of the blueprints. And have enough Free Xp for the cannon. So for 65000 free Xp and 14 national 20 normal blueprints ı will save 4100000 credits, a garage slot, and so much time. Is it worth it or not? I think it's worth it but still wanna ask.


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