Simple guide for hitting wheeled vehicles

The following "guide" is here to help players shooting an EBR and turn the frustrating act into something quite easy.

  1. use APCR if you can
  2. if you have bad aim then use auto aim and wait untill they drive straight away from you
  3. if you have good aim then wait untill they go in a straight line, proper lead an APCR makes is decently easy to hit.
  4. aim high enough, the bottom 25% of the tank (or bottom 33% of the hull) is just wheels with no hull behind it.
  5. Look at the terrain: EBR's have to cross steep ridges head on and without turning if they dont want to flip and kill themselves.

Follow these easy steps and anyone should be able to hit ebr's a lot easier. Step 3-5 require some skill in leading especially when firing slow AP or HE.


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