So there’s only 5 tanks in the whole game that can complete Coalition-2?

Mission Requirements:

  • Damage or destroy enemy internal modules or crew members, totaling at least 40 modules or crew members

  • Stun 2 enemy vehicles with one shot

  • Can be completed in vehicles: Coalition (France, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Italy) of Tier VI-X.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but:

  • Destroying tank modules can be done with a shot from any tank, any time… requirement 1 is no big deal. BUT…
  • Only SPG HE rounds can stun crew
  • Of those 4 nations, only France has SPG tanks
  • There are only 5 French SPGs

This damn Excalibur mission means I have to grind a very specific line of tanks just to complete it? Please tell me I'm missing something obvious here… that seems like an incredibly specific list of requirements for 1 Campaign mission.


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